Original Vanilla 65 THB/piece
Vanilla with fresh fruit
Original Vanilla with fresh fruit 70 THB/piece
Vanilla with blueberry
Original Vanilla with blueberry filling 70 THB/piece
Coffee flavored cake with almond and caramel 70 THB/piece
Chocolate Devil
Chocolate flavor cream topping with chocolate ganache 75 THB/piece
Greentea and redbean
Greentea flavored cake with azuki (red bean) cream layer 75 THB/piece
Blueberry Cracker Pie
Vanilla cream and pie crush decored with bluberry pie filling 60 THB/piece ...
Strawberry Crepe
Crepe layer with original fresh cream and strawberry filling, pour with strawberry sauce 80 THB/piece
Orange mousse
Orange mousse with sponge cake 80 THB/piece
Strawberry mousse
Strawberry mousse with sponge cake 80 THB/piece
Red Velvet
Red velvet cake with cream cheese 80 THB/piece
Sponge Cake
Light chiffon cake with raisin or cranberry 7 inch 110 THB